Auto glass is not only there to keep out wind and rain, but also to protect you in the event of a rollover accident. Your auto glass is safety glass which is either laminated or tempered to give extra durability. It’s important to be sure the company you hire to replace your auto glass is using quality materials. Cheaper aftermarket glass is not the same quality as the original equipment manufacturer glass which means it’s not doing the job the manufacturer intended. When your auto glass breaks, insist on using the experts at Tidewater Auto Glass! Did you know you have the right to choose which company repairs or replaces your auto glass regardless of what your insurance company tells you? .

Our technicians are AGSC Certified

No matter what company you choose to repair or install your auto glass, it’s important that you are hiring experienced professionals that use quality materials. Cheap prices and fast drive-away times can be a red flag to poor quality glass and adhesive. While some auto glass shops use these materials to save overhead, you can rest assured that Tidewater Auto Glass will never save money by risking you and your passengers safety.

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About the Auto Glass Safety Council

The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (formerly the AGRSS Council) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass. Auto Glass Safety Council was founded and is supported by companies in the auto glass replacement industry and other stakeholders who keep safe installation as their primary goal.

The Auto Glass Safety Council is an accredited American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards development organization. It has developed the North America’s only auto glass replacement standard, the AGRSS™ Standard (ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 004-2018 Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard). The AGRSS Standard addresses procedures, education and product performance. It is a continuous maintenance standard.

The Mission of the Auto Glass Safety Council (formerly the AGRSS Council)

To make every auto glass replacement safer by:

  • Developing and maintaining standards for the replacement of auto glass;
  • Educating and accrediting the industry; and
  • Promoting awareness of the AGRSS™ Standard to the insurance industry and driving public at large.

About the AGRSS Standard

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard™ (AGRSS) was created by the Auto Glass Safety Council pursuant to the procedures of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). AGSC serves as the Secretariat for the Standard.

The AGRSS Standard was first developed in 1999 by the AGSC AGRSS Standards Committee. It was amended in 2002, 2015 and 2018 and is maintained as an ANSI continuous maintenance standard. The current version of the Standard is referenced as ANSI/AGSC/AGRSS 004-2018.

The Standard represents the auto glass replacement industry’s current best practices as determined by a broad-based balanced committee of auto glass replacement practitioners, trainers, suppliers and other interested parties. It embodies the expertise of the AGSC AGRSS Standards Committee members whose hundreds of years of combined experience has involved thousands of actual auto glass replacements.

The AGRSS Standard addresses six critical areas relative to the auto glass installation process, including:

  • Vehicle assessment;
  • Selection of glass and retention systems;
  • Installation standards for adhesive bonded glass;
  • Installation standards for rubber gasket set glass, as well as additional requirements for all other glass in a vehicle;
  • Continuing education for auto glass technicians; and
  • Consumer interaction.

AGSC welcomes proposals for amendments to any portion of this Standard. These proposals should be in writing and sent to the address below, and accompanied by a statement of the rationale for the proposal along with the proponents complete contact information. All proposals will be referred to the AGSC AGRSS Standards Committee for consideration.

Auto Glass Safety Information

Chances are if you call enough auto glass shops in the Tidewater area, you might be able to find one that offers lower cost replacements. However, before you schedule an appointment with another shop, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. The fact is that many auto glass replacement shops will offer what seems to be a great price on glass, but the quality of glass they’re selling you isn’t up to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. This means while the dimensions of the glass will fit in your vehicle, the glass is generic and is made to fit in a number of vehicles which can lead to wind noise, leaks, and an unsafe installation.

How Auto Glass Helps Keep You Safe

Many vehicle owners don’t realize that the glass installed in your vehicle (when it comes off the assembly line) is actually designed specifically for that make and model of vehicle to assist the safety mechanisms built into the vehicle. The glass aids the other safety components in the event of an accident by helping proper airbag deployment and even preventing the roof from caving in on occupants should an unfortunate rollover accident occur.

Finding A Safe Replacement Shop

So how can you tell if a shop is qualified for a safe installation? The best thing to do is ask! In fact, here are some questions you should ask any auto glass shop you’re thinking of hiring:

  1. Have your installers had extensive training and experience in excess of 30 years?
  2. Who manufactures your adhesive and have you had any certifications from them?
  3. Do you use OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equivalent glass?

Tidewater Auto Glass is your trusted replacement shop! You can be assured of receiving a top quality job on all of your auto glass replacement needs. We’ve built a reputation for quality and customer care since we started our auto glass repair company back in 1955 and are committed to your satisfaction and safety. If you’re interested in more information about windshield and auto glass safety, please visit the AGRSS website or their affiliate

Insist On OEM-Quality Glass

When you buy replacement glass from Tidewater Auto Glass, you’ll be receiving OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) quality glass. That means the glass will meet or exceed the specifications of the manufacturer to ensure you’re getting the same quality glass and safety standards used when the car was first built. Don’t settle for cheap aftermarket glass – insist on OEM or OEE glass to help keep you and your passengers safe.