• It’s fast…

    Windshield & rock chip repair in under 20 minutes.

  • It saves you money…

    If the damage spreads, replacing your windshield could cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • It’s safe…

    Repairs restore the structural integrity of your windshield.

Tidewater Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Suffolk Virgnia

Size or condition may not qualify for repair services, technician is required to approve of this service. Results may vary, but improvement guaranteed.

A few factors to determine if your windshield is eligible for our rock chip repair services

  • the chip is smaller than a quarter
  • the chip hasn’t started to spread to large

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Examples of Rock Chips on Windshield

Why Repair Your Windshield?

The windshield repair process involves a skilled technician and modern technology to fill in the damaged area on a windshield with a special adhesive resin. This resin, when cured, will restore the windshield’s strength and drastically reduce the appearance of the chip or crack.

The windshield repair process costs far less than a windshield replacement, can be done much faster than a replacement, and also can be done without removing the windshield, which ensures that the original manufacturer’s seal remains in tact. Let Tidewater Auto Glass save you money by repairing your windshield before the damage gets worse! Our mobile windshield repair units will be dispatched to you quickly and can perform the windshield crack or chip repair at your home or workplace.

Many times a windshield repair is a great option for a damaged windshield. In addition to costing much less than having your windshield replaced, a windshield repair can also have you back on the road in about 30 minutes. If you’re thinking about getting your windshield repaired, you should call Tidewater Auto Glass as soon as you can. By exposing the damage to road grime, water from rain or car washes, and changes in the weather, you increase the chances that the damage will spread and a windshield replacement will then be required.

When you get a rock chip, call Tidewater Auto Glass right away. We offer mobile windshield repair in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and other surrounding Hampton Roads communities.